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How Can We Make Cooking More Enjoyable for You?

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Food Should be Healthy, Delicious, and Easy to Cook

The Smarter Chef is all about healthy, gourmet recipes cooked in the most efficient way possible.

If you’re like us, you cringe at the sight of recipes that call for processed, inflammatory ingredients such as sugar, gluten, vegetable oil, and artificial sweeteners.

What’s the point of creating a culinary masterpiece if it’s going to leave you feeling tired, sick, and overweight?

With just a few smart tweaks, any traditionally unhealthy recipe can be transformed into something healthy and delicious.

The Smarter Chef Recipes Vs. The Other Guys

The Smarter Chef Version


Other Guys

  • All recipes are healthy AND delicious

    Usually you have to pick one or the other

  • Include tricks to save time and reduce cleanup

    Tend to overcomplicate things

  • Concise video included with every recipe

    No video often makes it difficult to follow

  • No annoying ads or backstory, just the recipe

    Tons of irritating ads and pointless backstory

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