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Food Finder App by The Smarter Chef

Finding healthy food can be difficult and frustrating. This app is meant to serve as database to help you find those difficult to find foods.

Avocado Oil

Animal Fats (Beef Tallow, Duck Fat, Etc.)

Blueberries (Organic, Fresh)

Bone Broths/Stocks That Actually Taste Good

Coffee Creamer

Cauliflower Rice

Eggs (Pasture Raised)

Fresh Herbs

Gluten Free Bakeries that Ship

Gluten Free Bread (Local Grocery Store)

Gluten Free Pasta (Local Grocery Store)

Gluten Free Wraps/Tortillas

Gluten Free Flour

Healthier Deli Meats (Local Grocery Store)

Healthy Granola (Oat Based)


Keto Snacks

Macadamia Nuts

Nut Butters

Nut Milks

Pasture Raised Meats (Online Order)

Pasture Raised Meats (Local Grocery Store)

Paleo Snacks

Paleo Bread (Online Order)

Propellant Free Cooking Sprays

Pasture Raised Cheeses (Local Grocery Store)

Pasture Raised Cheeses (Online Order)


Salad Dressing



Top Healthy Snack Foods

Top Healthy Semi-Prepared Foods

Wild Caught Seafood (Local Grocery Store)

Wild Caught Seafood (Online Order)

Yogurt (Milk Based)

Yogurt (Plant Based)