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Microplane Zester and Grater



"I have found nothing better to clean cast iron with. This should be a kitchen staple for ALL cast iron cooks!"

–Michael B.

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  • Description

    Without a doubt the most underrated kitchen utensil in existence, the microplane zester is a total game changer. If you’ve never owned a microplane zester before, you’ll soon find out why you’ve been missing out. 

    For starters, nothing minces garlic more quickly or efficiently than a microplane zester. See this animation below as two garlic cloves are instantly obliterated by this thing, transformed into a fine pulp in a matter of seconds. 

    The best part is, you don’t even need to peel the garlic! The outer paper-like skin of the garlic will not pass through the grates, only the good stuff gets through.

    Not only is this by far the quickest way to mince garlic, it also produces the best flavor. You see, the more finely garlic is minced, the more flavor it releases. When garlic becomes agitated, it produces a compound called allicin, which produces its signature flavor. The more you mince it, the more allicin gets produced. And nothing shreds garlic into a finer pulp than the microplane zester.

    But it doesn’t stop there, it also makes quick work of ginger as well. Nobody wants big chunks of ginger in their food. Ginger minced this finely, as can only be achieved by the microplane zester, will dissolve into food and oil almost instantly, leaving nothing behind except a powerhouse of flavor. 

    As the name implies, the microplane zester is ideal for zesting citrus fruits as well. A little lemon or orange zest will brighten up any dish. Try adding the zest of one lemon along with some fresh parsley, garlic, ginger, thyme, and salt to a pound of chicken thighs. Delicious! And because the lemon flavor is added via lemon zest and not the juice, it will be easier to get that nice golden sear, since it won’t add extra moisture.

    Garlic, ginger, nutmeg, even cheese, the uses are endless. Every kitchen needs at least one of these. Grab yours now, and you’ll wonder how you ever got along with one. 

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